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Genius in Making
Genius in making aims at helping the students widen horizons of their intellectual potential. It lays special emphasis on the need and advantages of having the knowledge equivalent to that of a company secretary. In this highly competitive era, the academy focuses on building geniuses who embody more than one professional within themselves. Knowledge is vast and life will always be an endless journey of learning, genius in making academy strives to make this learning process worthwhile..

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What People Say

  • A good teacher can inspire hope,ignite the imagination & instill a love of learning ; he who can take zero pay & help his kids develop physically, emotionally, socially is literally a miracle A teacher is the one who tells the mediocre; A good teacher explains it; A superior teacher demonstrates & a great teacher inspires. Find a faculty as I found *PROF. CHIRAG CHOTRANI* for my best. Thank you Sir for being a part of my success till date and even for my future
  • It has been an amazing experience with professor Chirag Chotrani. His depth and quantum of knowledge and practical application is exceptional in law, while his techniques to inspire students take them to high achievements. His involvement in his subjects and attention to students queries is greater than any other teacher. Being taught by him is a high value addition to the students life and profession . He motivates the students through variety of real life case studies.
    Saniya Kalra
  • The best teacher is the one who develops your interest in the subject and Chirag Sir helped me in developing that interest . The best part of his teaching is that he makes us understand the subject conceptually in easy and simple language with day to day life exam. Humor and his friendly aura in the class keeps the class fresh. His friendly nature helps us to be free with him to share our problems and doubts

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